API documentation redesign and proper documentation

Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for IntaSend API! We are excited of the new API documentation and many more - Read on.

We have just moved our API to the readme.com platform. This is our effort to document better our API and be able to support developers properly.

This move enables you to get access to:

  • A well documented API and sufficient code examples
  • Ability to test payment buttons without writing any code
  • Ability to test REST APIs before writing any code. You also get access to code examples that you can easily copy paste in your project. This will help reduce the development time
  • Introducing developers community. This is where all integration issues and peer to peer support will be administered.

IntaSend aims to be the best payment API provider for developers in Kenya and beyond. Feel free to contact us or leave a feedback, and let us know where we can improve and which API you would like to see/get access too.