The official IntaSend Payment Gateway's API Documentation. Built by developers for developers.

Introduction - Payments API for developers

IntaSend payments API enables businesses to receive and disburse payments. Supported channels are mobile, card, and bank payments. For developers, we strongly believe that payment integration should be easy, functional, and secure. IntaSend is built based on our many years of payment integrations assignments and experience. We hope we are able to make your life easier through our tools and technology.

How to start collecting payments

We provide various tools for payment collection including payment links that you can instantly use without the need of hosting your own website and/or mobile application. Below are useful links that can help you get started with online payments collection.

How to get started with sending money service

Use our transfer API to safely send mobile money and IntaSend and P2P transfers. The API is REST-based and requires authentication. Here are quick links to help you get started.
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