Checkout Link API

How to generate a checkout link and send to your customers to complete payment

The Checkout Link API allows you to generate a secure link that you can share with your customer to complete payment. Once the customer click on the link, IntaSend provides a guide on how to complete payment and notify both you and the customers on the status of the payment.

from intasend import APIService

publishable_key = "INTASEND_PUBLISHABLE_KEY"
service = APIService(token=None, publishable_key=publishable_key, test=True)

response = service.collect.checkout(phone_number=2547...,
                                    email="[email protected]", amount=10, currency="KES", comment="Service Fees", redirect_url="")
use IntaSend\IntaSendPHP\Checkout;
use IntaSend\IntaSendPHP\Customer;

$credentials = [
  'publishable_key' =>  env('INTASEND_PUBLISHABLE_KEY'),
  'test' =>  env('INTASEND_TEST_ENVIRONMENT', true),

$customer = new Customer();
$customer->first_name = "Joe";
$customer->last_name = "Doe";
$customer->email = "[email protected]";
$customer->country = "KE";

$amount = 10;
$currency = "KES";

// Add your website and redirect url where the user will be redirected on success
$host = "";
$redirect_url = "";
$ref_order_number = "test-order-10";

$card_tarrif = "BUSINESS-PAYS";
$mobile_tarrif = "BUSINESS-PAYS";

$checkout = new Checkout();
$resp = $checkout->create($amount = $amount, $currency = $currency, $customer = $customer, $host=$host, $redirect_url = $redirect_url, $api_ref = $ref_order_number, $comment = null, $method = null, $card_tarrif=$card_tarrif, $mobile_tarrif=$mobile_tarrif, $wallet_id=$wallet_id);

// Redirect the user to the URL to complete payment
const IntaSend = require('intasend-node');

let intasend = new IntaSend(
    true, // Test ? Set true for test environment
const IntaSend = require("IntaSend")

let collection = intasend.collection();
  		first_name: 'Joe',
    	last_name: 'Doe',
    	email: '[email protected]',
    	host: '',
  		amount: 10,
    	currency: 'KES',
    	api_ref: 'test',
  .then((resp) => {
  	// Redirect user to URL to complete payment
  	 console.log(`Charge Resp:`, resp);
  .catch((err) => {
     console.error(`Charge error:`, err);