Checkout Link API

How to generate a checkout link and send to your customers to complete payment

The Checkout Link API allows you to generate a secure link that you can share with your customer to complete payment. Once the customer click on the link, IntaSend provides a guide on how to complete payment and notify both you and the customers on the status of the payment.

from intasend import APIService

publishable_key = "INTASEND_PUBLISHABLE_KEY"
service = APIService(token=None, publishable_key=publishable_key, test=True)

response = service.collect.checkout(phone_number=2547...,
                                    email="[email protected]", amount=10, currency="KES", comment="Service Fees", redirect_url="")
use IntaSend\IntaSendPHP\Checkout;
use IntaSend\IntaSendPHP\Customer;

$credentials = [
  'publishable_key' =>  env('INTASEND_PUBLISHABLE_KEY'),
  'test' =>  env('INTASEND_TEST_ENVIRONMENT', true),

$customer = new Customer();
$customer->first_name = "Joe";
$customer->last_name = "Doe";
$customer->email = "[email protected]";
$customer->country = "KE";

$amount = 10;
$currency = "KES";

// Add your website and redirect url where the user will be redirected on success
$host = "";
$redirect_url = "";
$ref_order_number = "test-order-10";

$card_tarrif = "BUSINESS-PAYS";
$mobile_tarrif = "BUSINESS-PAYS";

$checkout = new Checkout();
$resp = $checkout->create($amount = $amount, $currency = $currency, $customer = $customer, $host=$host, $redirect_url = $redirect_url, $api_ref = $ref_order_number, $comment = null, $method = null, $card_tarrif=$card_tarrif, $mobile_tarrif=$mobile_tarrif, $wallet_id=$wallet_id);

// Redirect the user to the URL to complete payment
const IntaSend = require('intasend-node');

let intasend = new IntaSend(
    true, // Test ? Set true for test environment
const IntaSend = require("IntaSend")

let collection = intasend.collection();
  		first_name: 'Joe',
    	last_name: 'Doe',
    	email: '[email protected]',
    	host: '',
  		amount: 10,
    	currency: 'KES',
    	api_ref: 'test',
  .then((resp) => {
  	// Redirect user to URL to complete payment
  	 console.log(`Charge Resp:`, resp);
  .catch((err) => {
     console.error(`Charge error:`, err);

List of payments payload fields

The following options can be parsed to the payload. If any of this data is available, it is highly recommended that you provide them so that we can shorten the payment form and provide a better user experience. Customers will not be prompted to provide this information if already added.

currencyRecommended: Options are USD, KES, GBP, EUR
amountOptional. If not defined customers will have the option to specify how much they want to pay
phone_numberOptional. Customers will be prompted if required e.g M-Pesa payment
emailOptional. Customers will be prompted if required e.g card payments
api_refRecommended - Tracking reference for own use.
commentOptional customer comment if any
first_nameOptional customer first name
last_nameOptional customer last name
countryOptional country code e.g US, BR, KE, etc
addressOptional user billing address
cityOptional user billing city
stateOptional user billing state
zipcodeOptional user billing zipcode
methodOptional - if specified only the method will be used. Options are M-PESA, CARD-PAYMENT. Leave blank to show all payment methods.
card_tarrifoptions are BUSINESS-PAYS and CUSTOMER-PAYS . Specify who pays the card charges. Set to BUSINESS-PAYS by default
mobile_tarrifoptions are BUSINESS-PAYS and CUSTOMER-PAYS . Specify who pays the mobile charges. Set to BUSINESS-PAYS by default
redirect_urlOptional URL where we should redirect the user on payment success