Transaction Status

How to check send money transaction status and reference codes

How to check transaction status

Transaction response returns a field labeled tracking_id. We use tracking_id to check for the status of the transaction.

Below are code examples for transaction status querying using the tracking_id.

from intasend import APIService

service = APIService(token=token, private_key=private_key)

status = service.transfer.status(tracking_id)
print(f"Status: {status}")
use IntaSend\IntaSendPHP\Transfer;

$transfer = new Transfer();

const IntaSend = require('intasend-node');

const intasend = new IntaSend(/*...Authenticate*/)
let payouts = intasend.payouts();

  .status({"tracking_id": "<TRACKING-ID>"})
  .then((resp) => {
  	 console.log(`Resp: ${resp}`);
  .catch((err) => {
     console.error(`Resp error: ${err}`);

Status codes description

Files/Batch status codes meaning

BP101New batch or request, reading in progress
BF102Batch/request failed
BP103Batch/request waiting approval
BP104Queued to check for float balance
BF105Failed checking float balance
BP106Float/balance check in progress
BF107Failed advance float check issue
BP108Advance internal validations in progress
BP109Payment to beneficiary in progress
BP110Sending payments to beneficiary in progress
BC100Completed sending all transactions. Results ready for review
BE111Batch/request ended or cancelled early.

Transaction Status (Itemized status codes)

TP101New transaction. Processing is pending
TP102Transaction processing started
TF103Failed to initiate or process transaction. Check failed reason for more details
TF104Transaction results processing in progress
TF105Transaction status cannot be determined. Contact support for further check.
TS100Transaction is successful
TF106Transaction failed, see failed reasons for more details
TH107Transaction is under observation
TC108Transaction canceled
TR109Transaction is queued for retry