Internal Transfers

How to move money within your wallets clusters

This API enables you to move money between wallets/sub-accounts owned by you.

This can be used for reconciliation purposes across different sub-accounts. For instance, implementing a charge on a working wallet tied to a supplier or a branch, move it to your settlement account, and maintain a detailed narrative as shown above.

Unlike the IntaSend P2P with this API you can build your own cluster of digital wallets and move funds within those wallets created by you.

Wallet to Wallet Transfers

from intasend import APIService

service = APIService(token="token", test=True)

amount = 1000
narrative = "Payment"
response = service.wallets.intra_transfer(<origin_wallet_id>, <destination_wallet_id>, amount, narrative)
use IntaSend\IntaSendPHP\Wallet;

$wallet = new Wallet();

$response = $wallet->intra_transfer(<origin_wallet_id>, <destination_wallet_id>, <amount>, <narrative>);
const IntaSend = require('intasend-node');

const intasend = new IntaSend(/*...Authenticate*/)

let wallet = intasend.wallet();

let amount = 100;
let narrative = 'Payment';

   .intraTransfer("<source_wallet_id>", "<destination_wallet_id>", amount, narrative)
   .then((resp) => {
     console.log(`Intra Transfer response:`, resp);
   .catch((err) => {
     console.error(`Intra Transfer error:`, err);