External Transfers

How to disburse from the (working) wallet

Using the IntaSend Send Money , you are able to disburse payment from wallet by specifying its wallet_id.


Can Disburse Check

This API works only for wallets created with can_disbuse option set to true

Example: How to initiate Withdrawal from Wallet to M-Pesa

The following is an example (in Python) of withdrawing funds from a specific wallet by specifying a wallet_id as one of the fields when initiating the M-Pesa B2C API.

The same can be implemented in other language by simply parsing a wallet_id field in the request payload. See the M-Pesa B2C for more details.

from intasend import APIService

service = APIService(token="token" private_key=private_key, test=True)

transactions = [{'name': 'Awesome Customer 1', 'account': 25472.., 'amount': 10},
                {'name': 'Awesome Customer 2', 'account': 25472.., 'amount': 10000}]

response = service.transfer.mpesa(wallet_id='<PAYING-OUT-WALLET-ID>', device_id='<DEVICE-ID>', currency='KES', transactions=transactions)

Like all other Send Money APIs , the above request is also a two step. Please go through the send money examples on full implementation form M-Pesa B2C, M-Pesa B2B, Bank Payouts and IntaSend P2P.

Check the Transaction Status status API for details on transaction codes and meaning.