How to collect card payment
Learn how to collect funds using IntaSend payment service.

Card payments - Introduction

IntaSend has already developed a secure check-out tool to make your payment collection easier. To build IntaSend integration that supports all your customer needs, see what goes beyond payment collection.

Capture customer details

We help to collect customers' contact details for payment purposes. This data is kept in a secure manner and only used during check-out.
Basic customer details needed to initiate authorization


Card payments are protected by 3Ds while mobile payments require users to authorize payments using their PIN during STK push. Authorization is very important to reduce the risk of chargebacks and frauds which might affect your business. With the card authorization system, we ensure the card owner approves the payment using the one-time PIN sent by the issuing bank.
3DS One-Time PIN sample form from issuing bank


Payment capture is simply when money moves from the customers' mobile wallet or card issuing bank to IntaSend settlement accounts. Mobile payments are instantly available for withdrawal while card payments take 2-3 days. Once the card has been charged and a success status is returned, the merchant is free to release the goods/service. The clearing period is simply the time taken when the card provider releases the funds for settlement.
Payment is captured, status shown on the dashboard